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Sports below are some pictures of swizzle sticks related to sports. Click on the thumbnail for a larger image.

Description Thumbnail Size
Baseball Swizzle Sticks SPORTS1A.jpg (3777 bytes) 36K
More Baseball Sticks SPORTS2A.jpg (4496 bytes) 37K
Kentucky Derby Sticks SPORTS3A.jpg (3208 bytes) 28K
Football Team Swizzle Sticks SPORTS4A.jpg (2724 bytes) 27K
Superbowl Swizzle Sticks SPORTS5A.jpg (2059 bytes) 18K
Other Sports Swizzle Sticks SPORTS6A.jpg (3219 bytes) 29K
Doral Golf Club Swizzle Sticks SPORTS7A.jpg (3112 bytes) 22K
1980 Olympics Swizzle Sticks SPORTS8A.jpg (1324 bytes) 11K
Ski Lodge Swizzle Sticks SPORTS9A.jpg (1471 bytes) 16K
Baseball Bat Swizzle Sticks SPORTs10A.jpg (1073 bytes) 6K