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Bevrages below are some pictures of swizzle sticks advertising various liquors and cola. Click on the thumbnail for a larger image.

Description Thumbnail Size
Smirnoff Swizzle Sticks DRINK1A.jpg (3317 bytes) 33K
Old Crow Sticks DRINK2A.jpg (3403 bytes) 32K
Jack Dempsey Swizzle Sticks DRINK3A.jpg (2570 bytes) 17K
Schenley Musical Instrument Sticks DRINK4A.jpg (3926 bytes) 41K
Kahula Swizzle Sticks DRINK5A.jpg (4242 bytes) 56K
Coca-Cola Sticks DRINK6A.jpg (3050 bytes) 15K
Old Taylor Swizzle Sticks DRINK7A.jpg (2498 bytes) 23K
Some Different Old Crow Sticks DRINK8A.jpg (2260 bytes) 19K
Misc. Liquor Swizzle Sticks MISC9A.jpg (2240 bytes) 23K