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Miscellaneous below are some pictures of swizzle sticks that don't fit in the other categories.. Click on the thumbnail for a larger image.

Description Thumbnail Size
Brown Glass Swizzle Sticks MISC1A.jpg (4030 bytes) 35K
Democratic Convention Stick MISC2A.jpg (1123 bytes) 6K
Playboy Club MISC3A.jpg (3483 bytes) 31K
TWA Airlines (Set) MISC4A.jpg (6656 bytes) 63K
World's Fair Glass Stick MISC5A.jpg (1132 bytes) 7K
Another Playboy Club Stick MISC6A.jpg (2220 bytes) 14K
Misc. Las Vegas Swizzle Sticks MISC7A.jpg (4506 bytes) 28K
More Las Vegas Sticks MISC8A.jpg (2607 bytes) 22K
Florida Swizzle Sticks MISC9A.jpg (2240 bytes) 27K